Fortnite Championship Series

It is the joint creation of the TeamCre8 team and YouTube user Mustard Plays. Its development, they say, has lasted about 6 months. The game, set with elements of Battle Royale mode and Save the World mode, consists of 6 levels of platforms.

In The Fourth Dimension, the player finds himself in the post-disaster time that has wiped out all of humanity. We are the only hope on the planet. The gaming experience lasts between 6 and 10 hours.

Twitch has decided to suspend a Fortnite professional gamer for playing with a blocked streamer. This is Cody “Clix” Conrad, a professional of the famous battle royale of only 14 years old.

“Clix”, who is a member of Misfits Gaming, will not be able to broadcast their games for a week. Kotaku says that the Amazon video streaming platform decided to sanction this gamer for playing with “Zayn”, a popular streamer who was banned by Twitch some time ago.

The truth is that “Clix” had taken precautions and had silenced “Zayn”. However, the measure did not work and ended up playing with him. That is why Twitch has punished him. Your account will be active again on November 18.

At the time, “Zayn” was also temporarily suspended. However, this player broke the agreement, violating the rules of the platform. When Twitch knew that “Zayn” did not respect the initial sanction, he decided to block it permanently.

Before “Clix”, playing with “Zayn” already hurt another Fortnite professional and for the same reason. “Khanada” received a penalty of 3 days punishment for playing with the banned streamer.

In the case of “Clix” you can talk about a bad streak, because a few weeks ago he was also a victim of swatting. This involves calling an emergency service giving a false notice of a serious incident to come to a home.

This young streamer was in the middle of broadcasting a game from the Fortnite Championship Series. Suddenly, he had to leave the game because the police had appeared at his house alerted by a distress call, which turned out to be false.

This could be the end of the professional career of Fortnite player Jarvis Kaye, since Epic Games has decided to expel him for using a bot that allowed him to mark enemies to have them located.

This young Englishman belongs to the FaZe Clan, an eSports organization led by his brother, youTuber FaZe Kay. As Dexperto explained, although Jarvis has been using this tool in his secondary account, not in the one he used to compete, the developer has decided to permanently expel him.

The eSports player uploaded a video this Sunday in which he showed his surprise at the decision of Epic Games. “Recently, I have posted a few videos where I have used aimbot in Solo and Playground mode. Everything I was thinking about while making those videos was how entertaining and interesting it would be for viewers,” Jarvis Kaye explained on his YouTube channel. . “It didn’t even occur to me that Fortnite could banish me for life for this.”

Fortnite Most Successful Battle Royale

Fortnite is so important, so many its followers and so much their enthusiasm (addiction others would say), that everything that happens in the game has enormous repercussions. It happened and continues to happen, for example, with their dances, a fundamental part of Epic Games’ battle royale.

A year ago, Alfonso Ribeiro, who played Carlton Banks in the series The Prince of Bel-Air, sued Epic for using the dance that made him famous in the series. The actor said that the dance, known as ‘fresh emote’, was copyrighted.

Just a few days later, another lawsuit against the owners of Fortnite arrived. This time it was from Russell Horning, better known as the Backpack Kid in the United States, who achieved international fame with his peculiar dance during a performance by Katy Perry.

Already this year, in April, saxophonist Leo Pellegrino denounced Epic Games, accusing the company of having copied his movements. The musician claimed not to be happy that his movements had been used without permission.

And now comes the last case, regarding the pumpkin dance “Pump It Up”. Matthew Geiler and his consulting company Sick Picnic Media have urged Epic Games to withdraw the Halloween dance and pumpkin that sets it apart from Fortnite.

They consider that in the famous battle royale, improper and unauthorized use is being made of some elements of Geiler’s character, the “Dancing Pumpkin Man”, as reported in an article by Polygon.

This time, Epic has been quick and has decided that attacking is the best defense. As a preventive measure, it has responded by filing a complaint with the authorities against Geiler and his company.

Lawyers for Epic Games have uncovered an agreement that they would have reached with Geiler himself to be able to create the dance from his character.

In any case, the Fortnite company defends that the complainant has no right to claim anything, because he did not create any element of the “Dancing Pumpkin Man”, nor did he compose the dance music. In any case, they remember that using the typical Halloween pumpkins as a head is not something new.

Epic Games has made the perfect video game (at least the one right now). Fortnite falls in love, likes, hooks, entertains, works … It is an unprecedented success; We have already counted it a thousand times. But Fortnite is not only the most successful battle royale.

The video game is not only that, although this modality is the one that has given it the most fame. There are also, for example, the modes Save the World and Creative. The latter has allowed to generate the first complete game within Fortnite.

With Creative Mode, the gaming community can develop their own maps with their own challenges. The tools available allow fans to develop their imaginations and create new worlds, new games. Thus it has been possible to create The Fourth Dimension (The Fourth Dimension).

Fun From Fortnite

Specifically, Blevins refers to the behavior of the storm, especially in the final stages of the games. The streamer believes that the storm creates mobility problems, a situation that is further worsened by the departure of various vehicles from the game.

On Twitter, Ninja also refers to the new map, which he considers too big. In their opinion, in order to reach a safe area, gamers are forced to travel long distances.

To fix these issues, the popular Fortnite player asks Epic Games to make changes to storm behavior or map size. And if not, that includes more mobility options.

Very upset and “boring” Ninja has to be to dismiss as “stupid” that the player has to be permanently concerned about the closing area. That, he says, also takes away excitement and fun from Fortnite.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is already the most successful installment in the franchise. According to data from Super Data, corresponding to November, the premiere of this installment has achieved enormous figures, which place it at the top of the sales list.

Digital sales of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order worldwide have reached 2.14 million copies. According to the review firm, only Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Pokémon Sword & Shield had better numbers.

So it’s the title with the best release in franchise history. For example, compared to the previous one, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Orders more than doubled the initial sales of Star Wars Battlefront II.

Super Data explains that this had a lot to do with the success of the series The Mandalorian and the premiere of the movie Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. It is already known, the accumulation of products from the same saga multiplies success.

Although Electronic Arts does not officially recognize it, everything indicates that the sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has already been approved. Jason Schreier, a journalist for Kotaku, has taken it for granted.

Respawn Entertainment has posted job openings for artists, designers, and software engineers. All this has sparked speculation. Schreier has gone further and ensures that the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sequel has already been approved.

A success like Star Wars has made good friends with another success, Fortnite, the video game of the moment. First came a Stormtrooper skin Source, then cosmetic items from Rey, Finn, and the Sith Trooper; and then lightsabers as weapons for the battle royale.

Business understanding seems clear. Skins and weapons from the George Lucas saga are available to play the Epic Games title. For example, Kylo Ren’s skin has already arrived in Fortnite. The character appears in his classic clothing and wears his helmet based on that of Darth Vader.

For the full look, Epic recommends wearing the First Order Battle Cloak retro backpack and the Vibro-scythe pickaxe. The Zorii Bliss retro outfit and backpack can also be purchased at the Fortnite store. All this can be completed with your Y-Wing glider.

Most Famous Fortnite Player

Epic Games has released the Ninja skin, thus fulfilling what was almost a request from Tyler Blevins himself. What he had asked them to do was throw outfits from famous streamers. White and bottled.

The Ninja himself has released his exclusive skin. He has done it on his Twitter account and in a broadcast on Mixer (the platform he is on after leaving Twitch last year). “He is just like me,” Ninja has shouted, showing his joy.

The new skin for Fortnite shows off her blue hairstyle, her yellow bandana and a pair of katanas on her back. Plus, it comes with four variations of those items.

The appearance of the famous Mixer streamer is paid and can be purchased until Sunday 19. or what Epic Games has not told us is the price.

It’s the first of the Icon Series skins, celebrity-based outfits, including streamers. In addition to Ninja, Losefruit and TheGrefg are confirmed.

Tyler Blevins is probably the most famous Fortnite player in the world. Everything the popular streamer says catches fans. In one of his last appearances on Mixer, he said that he no longer has as much fun as he used to play Fortnite.

He talks about the many bugs he finds and mobility problems. The famous player claims that the battle royale has too many errors in this second chapter. In addition, Ninja ensures that Fortnite needs “more mobility”.

The signing of Quique Setien coach of FC Barcelona has surprised much of the football scene, as well as his own family, starting with his son, Laro Setién. The young man follows the same steps as his father and dedicates himself to soccer. He is a member of the Unió Esportiva Sant Andreu, where he acts as a midfielder.

At the microphones of El Larguero de la Cadena Ser, the player recounted how he learned of the hiring of his father by the current champion of the First Division, Barça.

In addition, he made an impossible invitation for a father to reject: “I have told him that some Sunday if he wants to come home I will cook him with delight. On Sundays alone, eh.

A joy like this I think my father will not have in a long time,” he concluded, certifying that one of Quique Setien’s great wishes was to arrive to the Blaugrana club.

Tyler Blevins, better known as Ninja, is probably the most famous Fortnite player in the world. Previously on Twitch, now on Mixer, everything the popular streamer says catches up with fans. And the latter has its crumb, because it is still a deep criticism of the current Fortnite.

Before, Ninja had hit the turbo construction or the mecha of the billionaire battle royale. Now he complains that he is no longer having as much fun.

In one of his last appearances on Mixer, the streamer has said that he no longer has as much fun as he used to play Fortnite. He talks about the many bugs he finds and mobility problems.

As Dexerto details, the famous player assures that the battle royale has too many errors in this second chapter. In addition, Ninja ensures that Fortnite needs “more mobility”.

Popular Fortnite streamer

In its official statement, Epic Games explains: “There will be some obstacles along the way, so we are going to start testing with a small group of players in the main modes and will closely follow their feedback when we release v.11.50.”

Here is a bit of a mystery. The company says on its website that “with the addition of update 11.50, Chapter 2 – Season 2 is expected to be released on Thursday, February 20. Chapter 2 – Season 2 will feature (HIDDEN) with multiples (HIDDEN). We still can’t tell you about all the secrets of the upcoming season… “

As we say, Season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 2 could bring a new map, according to a leak. On his Twitter account, the leaker ShiinaBR has shared several captures in which some skins of the current Battle Pass appear. In all of them a few changes are shown: in the Swamp, the Caligine Field and Angry Accumulations.

So important has Fortnite become, so much its popularity, its repercussion, that the famous battle royale is going to be an official “sport” in the US. Specifically, in North American institutes and universities. Epic Games itself does not fit with joy.

PlayVS is an eSports platform dedicated, according to themselves, to inclusion, teamwork and sportsmanship. The bottom line is that this Los Angeles-based startup is an official eSports partner of the NFHS.

Its role is important because this body is in charge of setting the rules for sports competitions for 68% of US high schools.

Each course, American parents pay $ 64 to the NFHS so that their child can participate in different leagues, in the different sports in which schools and institutes compete.

The novelty, says Techcrunch, is that PlayVS has partnered with Epic Games to make Fortnite one of those “sports” in which high school students compete and perhaps many universities as well. In other words, the most played battle royale on the entire planet becomes an official school electronic sport.

Also looking for universities

The scope of the operation reaches, we say, some universities. The NFHS does not have a specific agreement with the National University Sports Association (NCAA), so PlayVS has spoken with the universities, individually, so that they also include Fortnite as a “sport” of competitions between universities. What is not yet known is how many of them have signed up for the idea.

Everything has already started. The registration phase will begin on February 17 for high schools and on February 24 for universities. The tournaments will start on March 2 and will have a duet format. The first season of Fortnite on PlayVS will be free for all participants.

We were recounting this week that Ninja, the popular Fortnite streamer, was a little upset with the game. He was a little bored, he said. Surely his anger will have gone away when he knows that the famous battle royale is going to have a ‘skin’ of his.